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All our negative emotions that can cause pain both of a physical or emotional nature are caused by a disruption in our bodyís energy systems. To remove the pain we need to get all the circuits working properly again.

Pulses sent down the correct meridian unblock the pathways (a little like a plunger unblocks the gunk in a drain) and balances our energy again. When we have a balanced energy we donít have the emotional intensity building up anymore as there is no blockage for it to build up against.

Our unwanted emotions are simply caused by energy disruptions. Now itís important o recognize that itís not about a traumatic memory causing the problem. This belief is at the crux of a lot of modern therapy practices where we are expected to talk over problems and issues and work through the processes to be free from them. EFT circumvents this as just clears the circuits or meridians where that negative emotion started the blockage.

You do not need to psychoanalyze your feelings to be free of the effects of them. The memories you hold and the feelings form them ay hold some keys to helping yourself be freed from them but you donít need to investigate them in detail. For this reason, EFT is a great choice of treatment for those people who are suffering from a fair amount of emotional pain.

Imagine you have a nasty bruise on your leg and you go to the doctor to have it treated. If they said to treat it you needed to press down on it over and over again, letting the pain course through your body each time would you feel good about that solution? That is a physical illustration of why consistent talking over of past hurts and pain may not be the best solution.

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